Joint accreditation at the program and institutional levels together with foreign partner agencies

  • Harmonization of the Russian Federation national educational systems and European countries ones;
  • Creation in the Russian Federation of a system of universities and their educational programs quality assurance;
  • Improving the quality of education provided by educational organizations;
  • Development of an agreed set of recommendations to ensure the quality of professional education
  • Continuous monitoring of the education quality through programs quality assurance mechanisms
Assessment criteria:

Sample International Reviewer’s Panel (depends on partner agency):
  • Project manager;
  • Russian and international reviewers representing academic community;
  • Russian and international reviewers representing employers;
  • Student reviewer.
All the reviewers undergo selection, training and certification

Procedure by initial application:
  • Application for undergoing the international accreditation procedure;
  • Conclusion of a contract between HEI and AKKORK;
  • HEI members training in internal education audit methodology;
  • Preparation of a self-evaluation report by an educational institution and it's submission to AKKORK and to a partner QA agency;
  • Formation of a joint certified international review panel, representing the academic community, labour market and students community;
  • Desk review of the self-evaluation report done by the reviewers;
  • 2-3 days on-site visit to the educational institution;
  • Preparation and submission of the reviewers’ reports to the educational institution for feedback;
  • Correction of the report (if needed) according to the feedback from HEI;
  • Submission of the reviewer's reports to the AKKORK Advisory council for their approval and to the Accreditation council of partner QA agency;
  • Accreditation decision by the International Accreditation Council members and Accreditation Council of partner QA agency;
  • Issuance of accreditation certificates to an educational institution in the case of positive decision of International Accreditation Council and Accreditation council of partner QA agency.
  • Submission of the follow up report in the period stated in the Accreditation Council’s decision.
Criteria for decisions

Appeals procedure

After receiving reviewer’s reports and decision on accreditation Educational organization, may not agree with the decision of the Accrediting organization Accreditation Council. In such cases, an educational organization may submit an appeal to the accrediting organization.

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