AKKORK is an independent professional agency in the field of conduct of the reviews, accreditation and certification of the education institutions.
The key fields of activity:

We are seeking to contribute to the development of education institutions and the whole education system and we will help you in optimization of management and internal control systems, as well as in discovering your education institution potential and competitiveness.
Independency and impartiality of AKKORK, as well as competence of our experts are corroborated by the accreditations in the leading international accreditation networks of education quality assurance and by the positive experience in the period of 6 years.
The team of AKKORK numbers more than 300 experts, who are united by common values and adherence to the quality of rendering services. The experts of AKKORK help execute purposes by close collaboration with education institutions. The experts of AKKORK have good knowledge and understanding of pressing issues that face an education institution today, as well as of secondary, higher, postgraduate and additional education field peculiarity. Thereby we help you advance to success with confidence.

We are seeking to ensure the best quality of our work that is corroborated by recognition of quality and activity conscientiousness of AKKORK by the leading international accreditation networks of quality assurance. Today AKKORK possesses a full membership in the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). In addition to that AKKORK is the full member of the leading international quality assurance networks:

According to the requirements of ENQA, stated in the regulatory document "Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area" (ESG), it is obligatory to pass every 5 years the independent external review of the activities held by the Agency for Quality Assurance called Independent Non-profit Organization "AKKORK", which acts in accordance with its regulations.

New prospect and opportunities in difficult conditions

Today in Russia and the CIS countries there is a difficult demographic situation and negative consequences of the world financial crisis that exert influence on conditions of education institution activity. But in this current complicate situation are emerging new opportunities for the educational field that the experts of AKKORK will help discover. Regardless of that if your education institution stands persistently on the education service market or has found itself in complicate conditions or has faced the necessity of making difficult decisions, we will be glad to work with you on search of operational, strategic and methodological opportunities that will help you increase competitiveness and ensure the high level of education quality and quality assurance. We are ready to help you in forming necessary conditions for a firm and dynamic development of your education institute on the education service market.

Key results of collaborating with us:

  • improvement of education service quality;
  • increase of customer satisfaction degree;
  • increase of customer loyalty degree that leads to the consolidation of competitiveness on the education service market;
  • increase of profit and market share, realized by means of quick and flexible reaction to the possibilities of market;
  • increase of society satisfaction degree;
  • increase of employers satisfaction degree;
  • rise of confidence of main stakeholders to the education institution effectiveness and efficiency;
  • improvement of process and results quality;
  • cost and resources cutout, their optimization;
  • consolidation of competitive advantages through improvement of possibilities of an institution;
  • provision of national and international acknowledge;
  • prevention (minimization) of windfall financial and moral losses in case of circumstances beyond control;
  • consolidation of labor discipline;
  • increase of staff satisfaction degree;
  • engagement of the staff into the work on quality, increase of its quality idea adherence;
  • improvement of interrelation between the staff and the leaders;
  • consolidation of the leading role that brings to quality improvement of production, processes and results;
  • formation of comfortable psychological atmosphere in an educational institution;
  • provision of mechanisms for demonstration of responsibility against the stakeholders;
  • higher confidence degree of the state supervision bodies representatives and therefore the opportunity to their audit volume reduction;
  • increase of compliance degree with the requirements of ENQA European quality assurance standards.

It should also be noted that in accordance with the Russian legislation in such activities as: state supervision over compliance with legislation of the Russian Federation on education, control over compliance with licensing requirements and conditions, state control over the education quality could be involved experts and expert organizations, accredited in accordance with rules approved by the Government of the Russian Federation . AKKORK on July 8, 2011 received the proper accreditation in the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science. 

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