AKKORK says that it uses the multistandard approach during the expertise of education quality. Could you please describe how AKKORK uses it?

Initially the basis for AKKORK criteria are ESG standards. As AKKORK works on the RF territory and the universities with which it works are aspiring to receive the state accreditation and doing their activity on the territory of Russian Federation, carrying out the review based on ESG we can’t ignore the requirements of the Federal State Education Standards. Otherwise the AKKORK’s reviews will contradict the requirements of the Russian legislation. The adherence to the Federal State Education Standards is prescribed by the Constitution of Russian Federation. (http://www.constitution.ru/10003000/10003000-4.htm article 43).This allows to take into consideration the AKKORK reports in the state accreditation procedures, this helps to build on the basis of ESG the quality culture in RF.

This is the basis of multistandard approach on the basis of ESG.

As the basic documents of the Bologna Process presuppose the preservation of the individual specifics and at the same time creation of the common education area, so in the documents that were developed by AKKORK and which guide its activity this specifics is presented in course of development of such approach in the limits that it does not contradict with the European Standards and Guidelines.

For assessment of the learning outcomes quality the professional standards requirements, developed by the Russian employers’ associations are taken into account. During the assessment of the institutional indicators (management quality, quality of learning technologies) AKKORK uses the universally recognized technological, managerial and other standards.

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