Is the internal quality assurance system (IQAS) of the education institution assessed during the education quality evaluation on the program level?


In the framework of education quality assessment on program level  AKKORK experts assess system of education quality management (SEQM) at universities / academies / institutions, as it is the basis for evaluation of  the programs realization conditions.

SEQM in education  institution must provide: proper organization of educational institution, the relevance and effectiveness of its established management system, the efficiency of the people involved in management, organizational systems work directed, also to the introduction of innovations and overcoming resistance to change, the ability of the university /academy/institute to really manage quality assurance process; capabilities to realize individual programs on the such education quality level declared by the university; is a system for managing university /academy/institute and its structural divisions sufficient, aimed at guaranteeing the quality of education.  

That is why the effectiveness and efficiency of the SEQM is evaluated by AKKORK experts at both the educational programs  and institutional levels.


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