What type of accreditation procedures exist in Russia?

In Russia, there are procedures for state and not state accreditation.

From 1 January 2011 the Russian legislation foresees public and public - professional accreditation.

State accreditation is organized and carried out by the State education authorities of the Russian Federation. Public and public - professional accreditation is carried out by the Russian, foreign and international educational, scientific and public organizations.

In  the Bologna Process documents terms state, public and public -professional accreditation are not applicable. The basic definitions are independent review of education quality and independent accreditation. Within the meaning of the phenomenon the most appropriate equivalent of an independent accreditation in Russia's concept is a public (public-professional) accreditation.

AKKORK is an agency that conducts an independent evaluation of the education quality at the program and institutional levels, public and public - professional accreditation.

In Russia state and public (public-professional) accreditation procedures are voluntary. Universities/academies/institutes are not required by law to pass either the state or public (public-professional) accreditation. Mandatory procedure in the Russian Federation is the licensing of educational activity.

However, it is desirable for an educational institution regularly undergo procedures of the state and the public (public-professional) accreditation, an external independent evaluation of the education quality. 

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